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IN A NUT SHELL........

This Pre-Instrumental classes are a great introduction to music which is geared for Junior and Senior infants Children of 4-6years. This class is a wonderful way to introduce all children to the world of orchestral instruments and open up the variety of instruments available to them. It helps in deciding what instrument they might like to learn come the following academic year.

- Days and Times: MONDAY -FRIDAY 1.35 & 2.05     

- Class Size :  Minimum 2 pupils Maximum 6 pupils.

- Class Fee:    €288 per 18 week semester.



Music for younger pupils who are perhaps that little bit too young to play, but who are old enough to gain an insight into the world of music. Pupils will learn all about the different instruments, the orchestra and their sounds whilst getting an opportunity to play them. The children will explore how the orchestra works while doing fun worksheets They will learn basic rhythms & notation through listening, clapping and writing. Different music from around the world will also be explored with many traditional instruments being looked at.

This class is taken under the direction of Christian Keenan. Christian has been teaching this class for 15 years and it is one of her favourite classes. Her favourite part of this class is how her pupils explore and see the lighter side of Music. How they know how to enjoy themselves and not be afraid to musically express themselves through interactive games and puzzles. Due to the high demand of this class Chrisitian has now trained her teaching staff on this class with extra classes being added constantly throughout the year.

This class starts in September until the end of May. In the month of June all Pupils can then avail of the 'free trial' month of June. Pupils can try out one instrument or a multitude of different instruments on a one-to-one basis and / or in a group class. This will give the Pupil, the Parent and the Teacher an opportunity to see what instrument they prefer and would like to continue the following September. 




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