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Instalment Rules & Regulations

Students / Parents have the option of paying an initial deposit of €100 per instrument studied in May /June and 3 separate payments made in August & October & November by means of an EFT or cash when taking 2 or more instrumental classes.

Instalment option are not offered to group classes.

It is of high importance that all instalment fees are paid by the Thursday of the relevant month. These dates are given in August.

Fees that are not paid by the weeks outlined or if reminded and fees still not paid, without good reason, will forfeit their place without warning.

Instalment payments: If paying in cash, exact payments should be put in an envelope with the pupil’s name, pupil’s teacher and day of lesson & amount included marked clearly on the front and slipped under room 2. Payment will not be accepted without this information. Change will not be given.

Instalment payments: If paying by an E.F.T please put the pupils name on the transaction.

When paying instalments, please pay the exact amount – not more or less the instalment amount as this causes confusion.

If you decide that you do not wish to continue with classes at any stage of the semester including personal circumstances, the deposit and all of the instalment fee that has been paid will not be returned.

No refunds will be given and no deferrals will be made to any family members. You are paying for the place.

Please email: keenanschoolofmusic@hotmail.com any queries you may have about instalment fees. This will keep a thread between the school and the Parent and make sure there are no cross wires in relation to this. 

If payments consistently miss the deadline all classes will be stopped immediately, unless the full outstanding amount is paid.

If payments consistently miss the deadline the instalment fee option will no longer be made available.

Keenan School of Music, Castleknock kindly ask that all payments are paid on time. Keenan School of Music find it quite embarrassing & disrespectful to ‘chase up’ any non-payments.

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