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Exams, Dates & Payment

All pupils who are entered into exams must have at Least 3/4's of their work completed.

Pupils must have completed all their work 3 weeks before exam date, this helps with nerves before exams, feeling confident and enjoying the exam itself

You, the Pupil, are representing the school and its standards. Any pupil not taking the exam process seriously will be excluded from sitting the exam. This in turn will see the loss of the exam fee.

When paying for exams you are not paying Keenan School of Music, but the music board themselves. Keenan School of music only fill out the paper work.

Exams are taken under the ABRSM. RIAM, LCM, TRINITY, ROCKSCHOOL

Music medals taken under ABRSM, RIAM and TCL

Exam payment must be paid when requested by Keenan School of Music in order to reach the deadline. Keenan School of Music does not pay for exams.

Keenan School of Music, Castleknock when entering pupils for exams will choose a week within a certain time frame allocated by the music boards and on the work load of the teacher so that full commitment can be given to the exams and pupils.

Teachers, where possible, will use lessons paid for and used before the exam. They will then finish up earlier in the 2nd Semester.

The chosen exam week is given to the music board 4 weeks in advance with the exact day and time being given to The Keenan School 3 weeks in advance.

Parents/ Pupils must understand that examiners are flown in from the U.K. to examine pupils. It is months of organisation and co-ordination We are in a very good position that the examiners will come and examine at the school. This is not always the case for other schools. Therefore, it is NOT possible to change date, time or examination centre.

If taking exams in a different centre the day and time given is what you have been allocated after specifying your day. It is not possible to change day / time of exam to suit you.

Examination times are ABRSM Monday-Saturday 9.00am - 6.00 pm, RIAM & ROCKSCHOOL also offer exams on Sundays.

Pupils’ exam times differ in duration from grade to grade therefore it is generally impossible to swap pupils at the last minute unless its an exact graded time swap and that the Examiner gives approval.

If a pupil decides not to sit an exam e.g. due to attending something else or feeling they are not ready, unfortunately will not be refunded.

If a candidate holds a medical certificate because of an illness, they will be refunded part of the fee or fully depending on the seriousness. Please check the refund entitlements page for that music board under their rules and regulations page.

As a registered Music School with the ABRSM, RIAM, LCM, TCM, ROCK SCHOOL. All examinations are under the Schools applicant number. All communications will go through the Keenan School of Music. Music boards will not accept communications’ with any individual under any circumstances while under The Keenan School of Music applicant number.

Exam results are emailed to Keenan School of Music, Castleknock. As soon as results are received Keenan School of Music, Castleknock will contact all Parents / Guardians


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