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An accompanist is compulsory for all graded string, woodwind, brass & voice examinations.

Accompanying is a professional full time job for musicians.

Accompanying charge includes a run-through of performance material and on the day accompanying.

The accompanist fee is a set by the Accompanist.

Accompanying prices vary depending on the level of the grade, the duration of the pieces, the learning of the pieces and attending the examination.

Accompanying fee may start at €50 - €180.

Pupils must arrange their time around the Accompanist. The Accompanist will not rearrange a run-through to suit the Pupil e.g. to fit around their sports / visiting friends etc.

Accompanists are highly sought after.

If you do not show for your run-through, an alternative slot may not be offered & you will still be charged.

All payments for accompanying must be settled in advance of run-throughs and exam.

If you wish to use your own Accompanist, please pass on their name so they can be checked as an official accompanist.

Visiting Accompanists on the exam day, may not use the Keenan School of Music’s facilities or Pianos for a practise run through.

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