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Class Attendance, Missed, Cancelling & Rescheduling Classes

It is important that all classes are attended. Anyone seen to be missing a minimum of 5 classes over a semester with no apparent reason will be asked to give up their position at the end of the semester.

Lateness in coming to class is frowned upon. All pupils should be ready to start their lesson at the time set.

If a teacher is ‘running behind’ the additional minutes will be given at the end of the lesson. If the extra time does not fit in with the plans of the Pupils / Parents due to other commitments, these extra minutes will be added on in the next lesson.

In the case of the pupil being ill, it is important that the school is notified who in turn will bring it to the attention of the teacher. TEXT 087 2967455 or EMAIL: keenanschoolofmusic@hotmail.com

If a Pupil is unable to attend school due to illness, we ask that the pupil does not come to class. This is putting our teachers at risk of getting sick, resulting in the teacher missing work and classes having to be rescheduled.

If a pupil appears to be unwell and is showing signs of flu symptoms will be sent home. We ask parents NOT to put us in this predicament. 

Pupils will unfortunately forfeit their lesson due to illness. If a cancellation becomes available in the weeks to follow the pupil will be contacted.

In the case of a doctors / dentist appointment, were possible, the class may be rescheduled or a swap arranged if notice is given.

In the case of the teacher being unable to attend class due to being sick or examining these classes will be rescheduled. Classes will be re-scheduled and given within a two-week time frame.

Re-scheduled classes will be offered upon teachers’ availability and not individual pupils.

Re-scheduled classes will take place Monday – Sunday.

Where a two week timeframe isn’t possible, these re-scheduled classes will be given by the end of the academic year. Classes cannot be transferred or deducted from the new academic year.

When a re-scheduled appointment is agreed and then missed by the pupil, the teacher is under no obligation to reschedule another class.

When classes are being rescheduled, teachers time, class times & available rooms are all taken into consideration. Parents or Pupils who cancel after agreeing to the rescheduled day & time due to attending birthday parties, sports events, concerts etc... will lose this agreed rescheduled class. Teachers have already committed to the rescheduled timetable and will not be expected to offer an alternative time. Teachers will, at their discretion, offer another time slot if it becomes available.

Teachers will accommodate as far as possible Pupils who have missed class. Teachers are not expected to work extra hours if a lesson is missed. E.g.if you miss a class and the Teacher then has 5-6 on the same week not only have they to wait for the 3 hours combined but they will not be expected to teach an extra 3 hours unpaid

In the case of holidays taken within school semesters or extra days taken around bank holidays these classes will not be rescheduled. This is at the discretion of the Parent/ Pupil. This also includes any Pupil going to the Gaeltacht in June.

Keenan School of Music, Castleknock take holidays in accordance with the guidelines set by the education board - NOT with local primary / secondary schools.


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