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Extraordinary Circumstances

If the School is closed due to circumstances beyond our control e.g adverse weather conditions, Corona virus' etc.. the following rules will be set in place which are non negotiable. An agreement must be signed before the start of the new academic year / classes start.

- Keenan School of Music, Castleknock will switch to remote learning. e.g. classes given through ZOOM or a platform of your choice.

- If you decide not to take remote classes you will lose the lesson/s.

- If you decide not to take remote classes no refunds will be given.

- It will be at the discretion of the teachers to offer a lesson/s on their return if they get a cancellation. 

- If you have already had ZOOM classes, Teachers will use the existing contact address unless otherwise instructed.

- If you have another platform you would prefer to use, please let us know.

- If you must self-isolate but feeling well enough for class, Teachers will offer Zoom classes starting from the month of October.

- Teachers will teach remotely if they need to self-isolate and are feeling well enough to do so.


Useful Apps and Downloads