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No Kids Allowed

Keenan School of Castleknock are offering a FREE yearly ‘no kids allowed’ theory/ musicianship class to all Parents who feel they would like to gain an insight and learn the basics of music and to understand and interpret further music homework instruction. This is to help facilitate our Pupils, your children, with even more encouragement. To 'move on' and help work together in the learning and enjoyment experience. They don’t necessarily have to be in Keenan School of Music, Castleknock to benefit from this class.

This Class will be taken by the owner, Director & Music Teacher from the school; Ms. Christian Caroline Keenan.B.A Mus, H.Dip, M.A.Mus, CT ABRSM. 

Christian aims is to help parents with their general understanding of music and help push more enjoyment with practice, playing and involvement with their children’s music in a more fun environment. Christian will explain, cover and prepare all Parents in various areas, including the following;

  • Basic theory knowledge
  • Help in the aid of reading music
  • Help in the aid of writing musical notation and symbols
  • Understanding written notation
  • Explain the Metronome, how it really works and about the different speeds.
  • Different genres of music & composers
  • Rhythms games
  • Broad knowledge of instruments
  • How to aid in ‘perfect practice’
  • What are the music homework notebooks really asking?

Why are we offering this class?

Every year we come across the same problems from Parents. ‘I don’t read music’, ‘I don’t understand the music abbreviation?’, ‘I don’t understand the teachers music terminology in the notebook’, ‘He has practised but yet he is still getting it wrong’. Does this sound familiar?

We are offering this FREE class so that Parents can start to build up on their own musical knowledge and not feel alienated anymore. To help, guide and get more involved in their Childs music education.

When will this class take place?

Proposed Day: Wednesday 8.00 - 9.00

Are you interested?

If you are interested in this please click here and enter you name, email address and phone number, along with a comment specifying this class.

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